I'm a Scottish sacred musician, interspiritual minister and singer songwriter now living in rural Vermont.  These songs & reflections are my soul's way of making sense of the beauty, vulnerability and endless richness of this human life. It's a gift and a pleasure to share them with you. 

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Most of the resources on my website (& live-stream channel) are offered for free. I choose this because I am delighted and humbled that people want to listen and I want to ensure that money does not become a barrier. Your donation will enable me to create more resources to share ... and is a big gift to me personally. Thank you so much.

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Patreon only concert

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

Livestream only

I'd like offer a relaxed 'house concert' style gig to my Patreon supporters to say thank you to them for their ongoing support and care.

If you love my work and would like to become a Patreon supporter you can join my online community on Patreon from as little as $5 a month. https://www.patreon.com/simondevoil

If you are a supporter here is the event link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/patreon-only-concert3

Preaching for UU Congregation of Washington VT

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

UU church, 2938 VT Route 110, Washington

Title: Song & Silence

In this sermon Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil will explore how song is an act of creation that invites us to listen with our whole selves. We often think of singing as expressive and outward focused—closer to speaking than listening. But the skilled musician is always listening, resting in the pause, the breath, and through that listening finds a hidden meaning inside the music.

Please note that I will not be the musician for this service and that this is an in-person event only as this rural summer only church does not have wifi.

Weaving Our Lives – Hands-on Celtic Wisdom for Spiritual Companions

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Online webinar series

This is a four-part webinar series that I'm presenting for Spiritual Directors International - exploring Celtic wisdom as a framework in spiritual direction and companionship.

This series will explore tools for bringing embodiment and a felt experience of the vibrant, animate world to our companioning practice. To do this, we are invited— indeed at times required— to move beyond the comfortable and sedate container of one-to-one conversation.

Song and story are central to the way Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil explains everything, and this series will be enlivened by music, song, and joyful storytelling. Please join us as we explore Celtic wisdom and deepen in the calling of deep listening.

https://www.sdicompanions.org/product/weaving-our-lives/ Cost is $119 for people who are not members of SDI.
Scholarships are available to the public as well as members of SDI.

All events are Eastern Time (USA) unless otherwise specified